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Ideal use of Long Term Investments

Securities Lending & Borrowing Scheme (SLBS) is a stock lending & borrowing mechanism whereby Demat stock holders can lend their stocks to short sellers who sell scrips that are not owned by them at the time of trading. This facility allows short sellers to borrow securities from investors for making delivery. The cost of borrowing is decided by market forces. Investors can place limit orders to lend their securities. We provide alerts to our clients when opportunities are available.

Benefits to Long Term Investors:
  • Long Term investors can lend their holdings to earn some extra income without selling their stocks.
  • Arbitragers & Short sellers have access to these stocks through the unique system of SLBS creating a win-win situation for both borrowers & lenders (Investors)
  • Extremely simple & easy to understand process, just like buying & selling of shares on the exchange.
  • Sushil’s expert team ensures best available returns at a very nominal fee.
Major Features
  • Automated screen based trading platform with online matching of trades based on price- time priority.
  • Tenure of lending & borrowing available from 1 month up to a period of 12 months.
  • A facility for placing early recall request for the securities lent is provided to the lender.
  • A facility for the borrower to make early repayment of securities.
  • A facility for the Lender to rollover his position for up to 11 months
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