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Mutual Funds

A Systematic Approach to Achieving Your Life-Goals.

Mutual Funds have now become a popular investment asset for investors – who don’t have the time or the heart to deal with the day to day volatility of the stock markets. The industry has been witnessing unprecedented growth over the years and is poised to scale newer height in the times to come.
Here are some industry figures:

Here are some industry figures-
Industry AUM
Number of AMCs
Number of Folios
AUM by 2030
Product offered

What is a Mutual Fund?

A Mutual Fund is an investment product where money from different investors is pooled and invested into Stocks, Debentures, Government Securities and other assets to generate returns as per the need and risk appetite of the investor.

How many types of Mutual Funds are there?

There are 4 types of MFs based on the nature of schemes:

  • Equity Funds : These funds primarily Invest significant part of their corpus into Equity holdings. Types of Equity Funds include Diversified Equity Funds, Large-Cap Funds, Mid-Cap Funds, & Small-Cap Funds, Sector specific funds & Tax Saving Funds (ELSS).

  • Debt Funds: They invest in debt papers issued by government authorities, private companies, banks & financial institutions. They ensure low risk & stable returns. Types of Debt Funds include Gilt Funds, Income Funds, MIPs, Liquid Funds, Short Term Plans, Gold Funds & Gold ETFs.

  • Hybrid Funds : They are a mix of equity & debt funds aimed at providing investors with the best of both the worlds.

  • Commodity Funds : In India, these funds invest into Gold metal via Gold ETF & Gold Funds. Performance of these funds depends on performance of Gold Metal traded in the commodity markets.

  • The availability of such a wide range of investment solutions helps Investors find solutions tailored to their investment needs and risk appetite.
Best Way to Invest in Mutual Funds – Systematic Investment Plan (SIP):

Investing in mutual funds especially through the SIP (Systematic Investment Planning) route is a prudent and disciplined way to achieving your financial goals. SIPs work on the basic principle of Rupee Cost Averaging allowing investors average their investment costs in the long run, thereby leading to better returns.

Mutual Funds – Selection Process:

Our flagship product ‘MF Rankings’ will help you select a set of strong diversified mutual fund schemes run by established fund managers with proven track record of consistent returns. MF Rankings are derived from intensive calculations based on various mutual fund scheme parameters to identify the best schemes for different investment time horizons. MF Rankings will help you select a set of 5-6 schemes across equity & debt. Our investment philosophy is to stay invested in equity schemes when we expect a strong bull run & invest in debt funds or sit on cash when market conditions locally/globally might seem unstable i.e. rebalance the holdings.

Paper Less Mutual Funds:

Mutual Fund transactions have become very easy through the Dematerialized mode. The treatment of Mutual Fund Units is the same as that of Shares and units are delivered to your DP.

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