Kindly note that there is multiple settlement on 21-05-2024 (Tuesday) i.e same day pay in / pay out for Trading date 17-05-2024 (Friday) & 18-05-2024 (Saturday)-Special live trading session. As per SEBI's circular dated July 16, 2021, Inter Settlement (BTST) is not allowed from Member’s Pool Account. If Client purchase the shares on 17-05-2024 then cannot sale on 18-05-2024 due to same day pay in & Pay out on 21-05-2024. Regards-Treasury Team. (022-40778037-22-36-73-21).
Pool Account Details
You may be aware that SEBI has mandated interoperability amongst stock exchanges. Interoperability means that the stock-broker can settle the trades through an exchange (clearing corporation) that is independent of the exchange on which the trade is done.
We have selected ICCL (BSE) as our clearing corporation for trades executed in Cash (capital market) Segment with effect from 1st July 2019 onwards.

From Today onwards w.e.f. Trade Date- 01.07.2019, In case of Sell transaction (In BSE / NSE), If you are giving delivery from NSDL Demat account / CDSL Demat A/c you need to fill up below details in Delivery Instruction Slip :
Demat Account CM BP ID CM Name Settlement Type Settlement No.
NSDL Demat A/c IN654633 Sushil Financial Services Pvt Ltd. Rolling Market Lot 2021XXX
CDSL Demat A/C 636 Sushil Financial Services Pvt Ltd. Rolling Market Lot 2021XXX
Please Note : Settlement Type will be default as Rolling market lot.
In case you require any clarification, please contact Treasury Team. 022-40778037/22/73